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Private Property Impound & Towing For Property Managers and Property Owners

Are you interested in our private property towing services? If yes, 24 Hr Towing Columbus team thanks you for your interest.

What is our goal? To make sure every resident and business in Columbus, OH has access to the parking space or garage that is assigned to them. Our superior private property impound in this city helps us to achieve this goal.

Do you want to tow a vehicle parked on your private property? Do you want an immediate service? Or do you want to speak with our staff? 614-333-8523 Call us now.

We provide the following services:

  • We Remove Junk Cars
  • We Remove Abandoned Vehicles
  • Signage
  • Paint Program
  • Tag Tow Program
  • Parking Permit Program
  • Warning Stickers Program
  • Courtesy Patrols 24/7
  • Multi-Family Communities
  • Retail & Commercial Properties

What is the cost of Private Property Towing Contracts? They are free. Managing a private property is hard. It is stressful. We can help you manage it. We have people who can protect your stenciled red zones, fire hydrants, fire lanes, and reserved spaces. And they make sure nothing interferes with your property’s entrances and exits.

We use the best towing equipment for towing vehicles. We take care of and protect the vehicles we are towing. Additionally, our drivers are professionally trained. And they know how to operate specialized tow trucks.

“Tow Away” signs are outfit on the property. We will outfit them on your property. And we will not charge you for these signs. We also provide proper impound authorizations forms. The owner or the manager must sign these forms before we remove the vehicle.

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