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Flatbed Tow Service in Columbus, Ohio


car being towed away from the side of road in Columbus, OH

Whenever your vehicle is heavily damaged in an accident that makes it un-drivable due to the extensive damage, your best answer to getting your car to a local auto body shop or your home as quickly as possible is a flatbed truck. Our drivers are just one call away – get your flatbed tow truck today. 24 Hr Towing Columbus is ready to help you!

Why Should You Hire A Flatbed Truck?

There are many different reasons why flatbed towing should be used. They include the vehicle’s model, make, and weight. Vehicles transported using this method can have all of their wheels secured, rather than the traditional methods of placing chains on the rear and front of the vehicle. Another reason people use this towing method is the design of the vehicle that requires that additional weight not be placed on one end of the vehicle, which is what occurs when wheel lift towing is used. It is the ideal method to use for sport and luxury vehicles due to them not being able to titled at an angle.

What is Wheel Lift Towing?

Most people imagine wheel lift towing when they think about towing. This type of towing is done when either the front or rear wheels of the damaged vehicle gets hooked up to the tow truck and then raised off of the ground. This kind of towing is excellent for short hauls where the vehicle only needs to towed a short distance either to a home or an auto repair shop. It is also an optimal way to transport cars or lightweight vans and trucks.

At times, wheel lift towing is not the best option for specific kinds of vehicles or in certain conditions. In those situations, the best option to tow a vehicle from one location to the next is to use a flatbed truck. They are designed to haul bigger vehicles, those that do not have functioning tires, and vehicles that need all tires to be raised up from the ground. This method of towing vehicles is ideal for low-distance towing.

Flatbed insurance towing

One of the top priorities of our dispatch center is offering our insurance partners with flatbed towing.

We have given access to our insurance partners to our dispatch system for the purposes of emergency services. Give your insurance company a call and ask to have your flatbed towing dispatch order expedited.

24 Hr Towing Columbus has a reliable fleet of flatbed tow trucks that are able to offer expert roadside recovery and transport most vehicles. Just give us a call ad speak with one of our friendly Flatbed recovery customer service representatives to dispatch a flatbed truck out to you.

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