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Car Recovery Columbus OH | Call Now (614) 333-8523

Car Recovery & Off-Road Recovery in Columbus, Ohio


Your off-road vehicle recovery specialists.

24 Hr Towing Columbus is not your regular metropolitan towing company. We can go where most tow trucks don’t dare to! Many people love to take their 4×4 vehicles off-roading. We understand. It sounds like a lot of fun to us too! But it does involve taking all-terrain vehicles into places that are covered in snow, sand, or mud, it is possible that a vehicle can get stuck. When that occurs and no one else is around, call us 24 hours per day. We will go out to your location and get you up and running once again.

Don’t stay stuck out in the mud.

Everybody knows how much fun it is to drive off-road in a 4×4 vehicle – but we also understand how stuck those vehicles can really get out there in the mud! Whether you are out mudding, two tracking, or rock crawling, your vehicle can get totally stuck – but don’t worry! 24 Hr Towing Columbus can safely get your vehicle unstuck. Just call us, and we will go out to help you with our 4×4 off-road recovery services, no matter where you are. We have advanced high-quality tow trucks that are fully equipped with the right tools to get your vehicle out of whatever precarious situation it is in. We can come out directly to wherever you are and get your vehicle pulled out quickly and back out on the road. Don’t allow your 4×4 to stay stuck in the dirt and mud. Call us today and get back out on the road!

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