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A car battery dying is one of the most inconvenient and frustrating things that can happen. You jump into your car to get to work, or an appointment or errand and nothing is working. The culprit is a dead battery. In most cases, that means you have to spend the whole day getting a tow truck and finding a replacement battery. 24 Hr Towing Columbus is unique. We will come out directly to you and your vehicle and replace your car battery in any location in Columbus, OH.

Why Does My Car Battery Need To Be Replaced?

There are several different situations where it is necessary to replace a car battery. The most common three are below:

Your Car Will Not Start

If your car will not start, the problem might be the car battery. As your car battery continues to age, the electricity that it is able to provide continues to get lower. After the battery gets under a certain level, it can be impossible or very difficult to start your car.

Electric Parts Of Your Vehicle Do Not Work

If your vehicle’s battery is failing and the amount of voltage it is able to produce decreases, then all of your vehicle’s electronic components might fail to work correctly. If your security system, lights, car stereo, or other components that are electrically powered are not working properly, then you might need to get a new battery for your vehicle.

Your Battery Warning Light Has Come On

A majority of cars come with a warning light that comes on when your battery needs to be replaced. If a charging system warning or a battery warning light comes on, then most likely your vehicle needs to have a new battery.

Bad Smell

An internal short or damaged battery may cause gas to leak from the battery. If there is a rotten egg smell when you open up the hood, the culprit might be a leaking battery.


Replace Your Battery Today!

Get Your Car Battery Replaced In Columbus, OH With 24 Hr Towing Columbus. We can replace a malfunctioning car battery by coming out to your vehicle to make your battery replacement an efficient and convenient process. If you need to have a new car battery, call us today at 614-333-8523 to get your appointment set up today.

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