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Car Accident Recovery Wrecker Columbus OH | Call Now (614) 333-8523

Car Accident Recovery and Wrecker Service in Columbus, Ohio


accident towing service

Accidents are the worst. They are difficult to deal with. And they are very stressful. 24 Hr Towing Columbus focuses on your safety. And it can help avoid more damages to your vehicle.

We are more concerned with your personal safety, the safety of the people with you or around you, and the oncoming motorists.

What Can You Do?

  • If necessary, call 911
  • Exit the roadway safely onto the right shoulder
  • If it is not safe to exit, stay in your car
  • Call us at 614-333-8523. We will remove your vehicle when we arrive at the scene.


What Do We Do?

We shall arrive on the scene on time. We’ll make sure everyone involved is safe. Then, we remove the debris and cars on the road. Because we want the traffic to resume as soon as possible. We will tow your car to our secure lot. Or we can tow it to a location of your choice.

Insurance companies inspect your car in our lot. They do a damage report. Then, they recommend a repair shop. We get our fees from these insurance companies. So, we deal with them. You do not have to worry about this.

People get injured in an accident. If there are injuries, call 911 immediately. If it is a non-emergency accident, call a non-emergency hotline. Additionally, there is a file that you need to file within 10 days of the accident. Do not forget to file it.


Towing Services for Accidents.

Unfortunately, some people get involved in an accident. 24 Hr Towing Columbus offers recovery services to these people. It provides towing services for accident victims. It is available throughout the week. It takes care of the insurance arrangements. It helps the victims deal with the stress and strain of the accident. It tows the car to a secure location.

In addition, 24 Hr Towing Columbus has a professional staff that takes your safety seriously. It tows your vehicle to a repair shop.

Dealing with an accident is hard. Let a professional service help you throughout the whole process. Having a professional by your side helps you recover quickly.


Important Things to Remember!

Firstly, exchange vehicle description, license plate number, insurance information, driver’s license number, names, and addresses with other drivers involved. Ask any witnesses for their information. Why? The police will contact these witnesses if needed.

Secondly, once an accident occurs, a secondary accident can occur because of that accident. That is why it is important to clear the scene quickly. It not only helps to avoid secondary accidents. It also helps police officers move on to something else. You can call us if you need assistance. Because we provide quick and safe help in a few minutes.

Thirdly, we hire experienced and expert drivers. They understand the value of a car. So, they do cause more damages to your car because they take the necessary precautions. If there are personal belongings in your car, they will keep them for you. You will not lose your personal belongings. Our drivers will store them safely.


24 Hr Towing Columbus Can Help You

We hope that you do not get involved in an accident. However, it can happen. In case it happens, we shall be there for you. You can count on us.

However, some people do not know they can decide where they want their car to be towed. And that they can select a company that will tow their car. You can trust us. We’ll proper care of your car.

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